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Where you can get a web site that doesn't look like every body else's - one that is as unique and individual as your business.

Unless you want it to look like everybody else's, I can do that too. Most of them look the same because of the use of templates and plug-n-play web site builders and the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. I can customize those with the use of style sheets. When T's Web Design builds or re-designs it, your web site can look any way YOU want it to look!

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Non-Profit Support

I enjoy providing service to help support causes I believe in. If you have a 501(c)(3) designation and need a web presence or want to improve your current presence, please send a quote request. I will often design and maintain the site for free, if you pay for the hosting. I offer a 1/2 price discount to non-profits on my hosting prices.


Some Sites I Currently Provide as Donations
Screen Shots Site Address Project Description
cchf CentralCaliHFriends.org
See how well the SEO works on this site by searching for:

herpes Fresno
herpes Central California
In an effort to help educate the general populace about the herpes virus, dispel myths and to help remove unnecessary social stigmas I provide this site entirely FREE of charge! Hosting, site design & maintenance have been donated since 2006.

Are you positive for herpes simplex? You my be surprised to find that you don't even know unless you've been tested specifically for it .
Herpes screenings are not included in regular STD testing.
Please get tested so you don't unknowingly infect others.

Visit and educate yourself further, or join up if you know you're a Central Valley "club member".
Silicon Village Burners
SiliconVillageBurners.org Since I first went in 2010, I've camped with Silicon Village at Burning Man. This year, I am helping out by installing and maintaining a WordPress site for them.

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Current Projects
Screen Shots Site Address Project Description
Winston Maui Arts WinstonMauiArts.com
Purchase something for yourself or as a gift.
This is a simple html based website with a Wordpress Blog and a Magento store. The blog and store were customized to match the design of the website. Client desired a simple, easy to navigate site with the art being the main focus.

Winston Maui Arts sells a variety of hand painted and screened designs on numerous types of clothing and accessories. In addition, they offer the LoveHooks™ jewelry line and prints of Winston's art as greeting cards or matted prints.

Winston Maui Arts has a Facebook page to interact with clients past, present, and future.
TPA Services TPA-Services.com
Taking care of all that compliance stuff, so you can concentrate on running YOUR business
I have ben an Accountant/Bookkeeper for over 25 years, I have been a Pension Administrator for over 5 years. I have been working with Databases, Word, and Excel for what seems like forever! I have been the go to person on application usage everywhere I've worked.

I am creating a blog to share all those years of knowledge and experience.

I provide contracted Accounting, Bookkeeping, Pension Administration, Plan Design, Pre-Year End Testing to Achieve Desired Contribution Rates, Independent Third Party Administration and Trust Accounting, Excel spreadsheet design, Quickbooks assistance, and any other number crunching project.
Healing-Bodywork screenshot Healing-Bodywork.com

Call and make an Appointment!
A great bodyworker; I mean it - this man is AMAZING! He knows many different methods and is sensitive and intuitive and achieves results that are astounding. Other massage therapists go to him for relief!

This excellent bodyworker is available for appointments. See his Yelp Page for reviews and discounts.

Chris Hackett, Bodyworker & Massage Therapist has a Facebook Page and can be followed on Twitter @BodyHealingWork.

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Inactive Sites

I've lost some web clients due to the economy and life and death, here are what some prior sites looked like:

Prior Sites
Screen Shot(s) Project Description
The Hale Hibiscus This was a simple php driven web site. It included a flash slideshow presentation. The property is no longer being rented.
CHACC This site was a simple php driven web site. There were pdfs of donation forms and applications.

The agency is no longer in existence.
LearJet This site was a simple html site with a few pictures.

The owner passed away and the family decided to sell the plane rather than continue to charter it.
Western Chrome This site was originally designed by another company. I retained their layout and a graphic or two. I added to the capabilities of the site by including pdf files of their catalog, allowing clients to place orders on line, and by including a database that allowed them to sell extra inventory. I took photographs and created all the new images. I moved them to the top of search results for their key words and phrases. They got in on pay per click when the minimum bid was still just a penny.

The company went out of business in 2008, though not for lack of web site clients. In fact, I've been approached recently by a local competitor to get their organic traffic because they are still ranking at the top of those search results.
Valley Art Box Home Page

art page example
This site was php driven and utilized a database for the page presentation and artwork information. The Art Box was a realization of a dream come true for Enrique Lopez. He had his own studio and web site before he passed away. His art lives on.

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