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Freedom of Speech ~ Balanced with Internet Responsibility

If you want a porn site, just do it responsibly.

This site is in America, and freedom of speech is a luxury we are afforded by living here. I support anyone's freedom to say whatever they want, whether I agree with it personally or not. But, I also believe that people should not be subjected to material they personally find objectionable.

I  find irresponsible porn predators, spam and hatred objectionable. I do not host sites that contain any pornographic or hate material or use spamming as a method of "advertising" and all infringements will result in an investigation and possible termination and removal of the site and/or virtual server without a refund.

It is a well known fact that some of the highest revenue generating sites on the Internet involve pornography. I don't blame you for wanting in on that kind of revenue. There are three types of adult Web sites on the Internet.
  • The first type of adult site tries to operate in a responsible manner, by rating its pages and doing its best to make the site filterable by child protection software. They are dedicated to providing their material ONLY to adults. This is the type of site I will build for you. I will not participate in furthering child abuse by assisting in the creation of any site involving child porn.
  • The second category of adult site doesn't know any better. They either have not been informed of the ways to operate responsibly or are too lazy to do anything about it. They need to be educated, T's Web Design is here to do that and fix their site.
  • The third type is the most dangerous. These sites are run by "porn predators", people who have no ethics and would gladly use any means possible to "site spam" and infect visitors with pop-up porn, viruses and cookies. I don't want anything to do with these types of people or sites.

An informative article on avoiding Porn Predators can be found on Safe Surf's site.

I pride myself as a responsible member of the Internet community. If you want a porn site, I can build it for you and teach you how to operate it ethically; I just won't host it on my servers. 

T's Web Design is committed to protecting the data of, and providing quality service to, all of it's customers, all of the time.  TWD reserves the right to remove any user provided content which comes to its attention through an abuse report or other method and which it believes, in its sole discretion, is illegal, obscene, indecent, defamatory, incites hatred, violates the rights of others or otherwise violates our Acceptable Use Policy Agreement. Please see the Acceptable Use Policy for more details.

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