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TWD - Platform Independent World Wide Web

Although there are many browsers on the market and many more in the works, I try to stay abreast of their different  interpretations of the current W3C Specification.  I use both Mac and Windows machines and the servers are Linux. I'm aware that other operating systems are out there and being used by many people and I want all of them to be able to see your site!

I utilize the W3C standards to base my HTML coding, rather than just coding for a certain browser.  I verify all pages through the following validation services:

To quote Cari D. Burstein, of the Any Browser Campaign:

"This is my vote for a platform independent, non browser specific World Wide Web. So, I have displayed the "Best Viewed With Any Browser" button to emphasize that I try to create my web sites to be viewable in all browsers, and totally functional. Some pages may look better in some browsers than others, but they should all be readable by any browser. I try to only use browser specific tags in appropriate manners, and only if there's a good reason for their use, and in the cases in which I've used browser specific programming, such as image maps, frames, Java, etc., I have done my best to provide alternatives for browsers that don't support them."

I am currently re-working the code on all of my sites to comply with section 508 and the Web Accessibility Guidelines. Most of the sites meet the guidelines at the minimum levels because of the ability to be read in any browser; but I want them to be rated at the highest levels. These guidelines allow web pages to be interpreted by viewers who use text only browsers, have images off, have java off, who use speech readers, are color blind, have low vision, etc.

Should your browser have any trouble interpreting any pages created by T's Web Design, please let me know. Your feedback is very important! By utilizing the information you provide and information I know about HTML interpretation by different browsers, I am able to make pages that every browser can interpret.

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